[svlug] SBAY Pizza reminder/invitation

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Fri Jul 20 00:47:01 PDT 2001

I put http://www.johncon.com/john/receivedIP/index.html up about a
month ago, after I had to come up with an alternative when ORBS got
kicked off the Internet. The page has had fairly high hit rates.

The RBL database is available in the sources, (its about 3K lines, but
includes entire class A, B, and C address ranges, too; like for
da.uu.net dial ups, etc.)


BTW, receivedIP was intended to be included in a community accessible
procmail/smartlist script, where users could send spam messages, and
it would automatically update a wide area procmail accessible

Ian Kluft writes:
> sbay.org "Spam Defense Perimeter" Project - MAPS is discontinuing free
>    access to their database which we use for spam rejection on sbay.org's
>    mail servers on Aug 1.  Now that everyone is on their own, we'll have to
>    band together for our own self-defense against spammers.  We'll coordinate
>    the sbay.org mail servers spam-rejection procedures and a mini-RBL
>    database for our own use.  Other sbay.org participants with their own
>    separate mail servers may be part of the project too.  We need to find a
>    permanent coordinator for the project - this is a call for volunteers.
>    Until then, I'll be the acting coordinator since this has to get started
>    ASAP, pronto, right away, as in yesterday...

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