[svlug] procmail stochastic spam filter

Ajay atallam+t6aubyx at rtworks.com
Wed Jul 18 09:48:02 PDT 2001

* Karl F. Larsen <k5di at zianet.com> [010718 04:59], about 

:Tried to get your procmail filter but neither ftp works. What did you

Looks like the path's actually

:>     ftp://ftp.rahul.net/john/receivedIP.email.txt


>-- End of excerpt from Karl F. Larsen

Which is, of course, totally logical.. ;^)


hmm, sometimes RDNS fails even though it is available (I don't know why
though.)  And I'm finding the HELOs are broking wholly too often.
I was thinking of implementing a procmail script that is based on IP lookup
(via an RBL), I think there's a few available already, haven't gotten around
to it yet though.. (I do think you could get better results watching headers
though.  (Least, I reckon.))

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