[svlug] Speaking of `screen'...

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue Jul 17 21:16:02 PDT 2001

Jeremy Zawodny writes:

> I've been using screen for quite a while now and love it.  But I have
> an annoyance that I don't know how to work around.  I tend to have
> more than 10 active screens.  It's easy to switch to any of [0-9]
> using C-a <number>.  But is there a similarly easy way to move to
> screen 10, 11, or 12?

Ctrl-A :select 10
Ctrl-A :select 11
Ctrl-A :select 12

You can bind other keys to "select 10", "select 11", etc., if you

You should also already have Ctrl-A ' bound to "select", so you can
abbreviate those comments with

Ctrl-A '10

etc., which is really pretty fast.

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