[svlug] redirecting http request on https port

Dan Beimborn Dan at celticmusic.com
Tue Jul 17 15:32:01 PDT 2001

>I have a secure web server running on port 443 (https). I would like to 
>redirect all request to this port.
>Is it possible ?
>I had a look at mod_rewrite and mod_proxy but am not sure I am looking in 
>the right direction.
>Any help ? 

I do this:

(... blah blah)

# Listening on 80 so a http:// request errors with the right address listed!

(..blah blah.. settings deleted)

    ServerAdmin dan at rainfinity.com 
    DocumentRoot /web/intranet/html
    ServerName intranet.rainfinity.com 
    ScriptAlias /perl/ /web/intranet/perl/
    ErrorLog /web/intranet/logs/error_log
    CustomLog /web/intranet/logs/access_log combined
    RedirectPermanent / https://intranet.rainfinity.com/

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