[svlug] Arcade Monitor X11 modeline help?

Dan Beimborn Dan at celticmusic.com
Tue Jul 17 15:27:01 PDT 2001

Anybody out there good with X modelines? I'm doing a fairly fun 
project of trying to get an X11 display on an old RGB arcade game
monitor. I have it working under DOS using some utilities that rewrite
the VESA bios with the proper modelines, but now I want it to work with
linux/X11/framebuffer :)

The monitor is 15.75khz by 58hz in timings (Spec here: 

And I'd like to create modelines for 320x240, 384x224 for starters..

anyone who could help out or point me to a good faq (I've been on
google all morning!), I'll email you a beer!

Dan Beimborn
Network/Unix Administrator
dbeimborn at rainfinity.com

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