[svlug] Everything get installed no valid boot sector

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at gorilla.it
Tue Jul 17 12:52:01 PDT 2001

On 17 Jul 2001, at 11:41, Mikes work account wrote:

> Unfortuantely, my only experience is with Red Hat and with that I
> tell lilo what the boot image is and where to find it. example:

Solved. Something completely unrelated to Linux.
Summary of the story:
I succeded in booting from W98 floppy and install DOS on HD.
-- something misterious changed --
I tried to install Linux and while SuSE completed installation 
regularly it wasn't able anymore to boot from HD.

I got crazy. Then I decided to retry with W98 just to avoid 
booting from floppy and install some tools to do some tests.

I wasn't able to boot!

Conclusion something changed on the machine!

I had some trouble setting everything to default since 
everything had to be set by SW and nothing really helpful was 
visible at boot time (I had to find Olivetti DOS tools etc...)

Now SuSE is happily booting. And that's my 3rd machine at home 
running Linux... OK it's not a big number, but it is a promising 
beginning ;)

> Please excuse me if I am being too simplistic, I have no idea of
> your experience or background,  mine is somewhat limited but will
> help if I can. I have learned that keeping things simple and then
> progressing to more complex issues later works for me.  IOW keep
> lilo simple.

Don't worry... generally it is faster to skip obvious than to 
guess. LILO setup was right and not that different from the 
other machines I've at home and I've had to solve similar 
problem when I had to learn how SuSE initrd works.

I thought it was something weird about HD HW setup, some 
esoteric parameters to pass to LILO etc...

Now I've a new problem on the K6 I set up last week or so...

I'll try to collect enough info from the log files to be able to 
ask for help in a decent way if needed.

TY for moral support.

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