[svlug] "tailing" a /dev?

Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at rdlg.net
Tue Jul 17 11:10:02 PDT 2001

  I am setting up a console server,  basically a linux box (2.4.4 for now)
running debian.  I'll take ttya from some sun boxes and use a null modem
to connect to my linux box, then use "cu" from the uucp package to remotely
access my consoles. 

  This process actually works great, I can send breaks, etc and not need
grfx or X or any mess incase a box is badly wedged.  The only thing lacking
is the ability to grab any output for when I'm not connected to the 
console.  I can connect another session and leave it open but that's alot
of hassle and mess for when I have to break that connection and grab the

  I need to basically "tail" the output, and idealy any input, on 
/dev/ttyS0 for instance.  That way if my console spits out some CPU error
or ECC error before a reboot that doesn't log, I can catch it on my
console serve.  Idealy it'll tail also so that if one of the admins logs
in and changes something in the middle of the night and doesn't remember
the exact steps, I can just cut, paste, print.

  A while back I went digging for console servers and such and never found
anything that worked.  Does anyone know how I can do this or a tool that'll
tail the console for me without locking it so I can't access it?


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