[svlug] Everything get installed no valid boot sector

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at gorilla.it
Tue Jul 17 05:27:01 PDT 2001

I've just finished to install Linux on an old K6, compiled new custom 
kernel and now I'm more confident I can succede to install Linux on a 
Olivetti Netstrada 7000.

After "successfull" SuSE 7.1 installation, the machine reboot and the 
BIOS just says there are no valid boot sectors.

I've been able to install on it NT and W98, so this should exclude 
any problem regarding BIOS virus protection.

The steps followed just to be able to start the installation weren't 
that stright.

First I had to boot from W98 floppy. If I boot from CD there were 2 
main problems:
1) I wasn't able to specify mem parameter at boot, machine crashed
2) BIOS booted from CD as if it was a floppy, floppy couldn't be 
accessed during setup to save "installation" configuration for future 
fast reinstall.

So I booted from floppy and run loadlin, during setup I could ask to 
load SCSI modules for my adaptec controller then everything went as 

I've tried every LILO available setup excluding boot from floppy (I 
refuse to consider it as a feasible option); that means I choose MBR, 
install LILO on /boot and linear in all 4 combination

The machine has an Adaptec 7870 SCSI controller and a DPT PM3334UW 
RAID controller.


avid reader of /usr/src/linux/Documentation/

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