[svlug] standard for kernel include files?

Joey Hess joey at kitenet.net
Mon Jul 16 19:45:44 PDT 2001

Greg Herlein wrote:
> I'm trying to grok the new 2.4 kernel include scheme - it seems
> that kernel includes are supposed to be kept separate from the
> /usr/include tree now.  My SuSE 7.2 has some instructions in
> /usr/include/linux/version.h about how to handle things if you
> are compiling modules, and where the links/files are supposed to
> go... but I'd like to see what the "proposed standard" way of
> doing this is... if there is one.

I'm not aware of any standardization here. People have convincingly
argued that with glibc it makes no sense to put kernel headers matching
the current kernel in /usr/include most of the time; instead
/usr/include/linux can hold known headers from a stable version of the
kernel which interoperate well with glibc. Notably Linus is on record
agreeing with this. Plenty of others have disagreed.

The following document is somewhat dated and Debian-specific, but gives
a good overview of one common school of thought on this issue (see esp
Linus's mail near the end):


Maybe we're finally beginning to move toward a consensus on this one.
That would be nice.

see shy jo

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