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Thu Jul 12 23:20:02 PDT 2001

	Yes, it's a forward of a forward.  Don't ya love it?
Alvin: Now you can add another company to your list of predictions!  (a la
'MAPS is going be out of business in x months' (weeks?  whatever..))

The '3rd generation ORBS sites' (as referenced on slashdot), can be linked
off of http://www.dorkslayers.com/ 's site, so I don't need to mention them

As for different approaches to spam filtering, there's the procmail rules
(and Brightmail's product, which seems to be based on them), and other
things that check the content of the msgs (I think, haven't researched much
yet), like http://razor.sourceforge.net/ (Vipul's Razor) and

(I assume this to be of broader interest to the SVLUG crowd.  If I'm wrong,
flame me offline, and such things will only be posted to lsec next time.)


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Sorry for the 2nd off-topic forward from news.admin.net-abuse.email in
one afternoon, but I figured this was pretty important to most mail
admins too...

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Effective Midnight 7/31/2001, all non-subscription access to MAPS
services will cease.  Anyone wishing to transfer or query MAPS data
must have a signed contract with MAPS, and have access enabled in our
ACL.   There are several reasons for this change:

1) The data in the MAPS files belongs to MAPS and is copyrighted.
MAPS, RBL, RBL+, DUL and RSS are all service marks of MAPS.  MAPS must
have the ability to protect its assets from unauthorized use or
disclosure by third parties.

2) As MAPS popularity grew, the demand on our resources grew.  We have
continually upgraded systems, software, and added servers where
necessary. The end result is our systems and connectivity are
sufficient enough that providers have no incentive to pay for zone
transfer subscriptions. When MAPS began to offer paid subscriptions,
we believed that allowing access based on the ability to pay would
allow the largest percentage of the net to access the services, while
permitting MAPS to sustain itself with subscriptions from the large
users of the services.  What we have found instead is that we are our
own worst "competition".

3) The economic conditions in the industry have hit everyone,
including MAPS. MAPS' purpose is to stop spam on the internet. That
purpose can only be achieved as long as MAPS can maintain itself as a
corporation. Like any corporation, that takes income.  There is very
little debate about the effectiveness of the MAPS lists. This
effectiveness saves its users time, bandwidth and other resources as
well as giving them an added value to their customers by reducing the
amount of spam the customer sees in their inbox.  MAPS can simply no
longer afford to foot the bill for the bulk of the internet community.

It is not our intent to put the use of the MAPS lists out of reach of
the individual or hobby site. We will still offer some reduced fee or
free query contracts under limited circumstances.

As usual, please direct requests for contracts to
subscription-request at mail-abuse.org, questions and comments to
margie at mail-abuse.org and flames to dev/null. ;)

Margie Arbon                   Mail Abuse Prevention System, LLC
Manager, Market and Business Development
margie at mail-abuse.org          http://mail-abuse.org

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