[svlug] Where to buy used BIGIPs?

William R. Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Jul 11 14:21:01 PDT 2001

Nate Campi writes:
>Ooh, now you're talking my language if you wanna try to use Linux
>boxes as load balancers. I only meant it's off topic to start
>hammering out deals on second-hand equipment on the list.
>I've been watching the netfilter mailing list for quite a while
>watching different people work on it. I haven't noticed anyone do it
>on a site with millions of hits a day, but it seems like quite a few
>smaller shops are doing it.
>If your public webserver address is and you have a private
>internal net you can use an iptables rule like this to
>load balance two webservers at .2 and .3:

(Please word-wrap your lines at or around 72-80 columns.  There are
still mail programs out there that barf on long lines.)

What about the fact that for some applications you need certain
clients to always go to the same webserver (even if their connection
is dropped and reestablished), while with other more stateless apps,
any webserver would fill the bill?  That's one feature of BigIP that
my present employer needs...


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