[svlug] Adding hardrive advice .,.

David Cornwell dc000741 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 07:43:02 PDT 2001

I have a 1996 Gateway Pentium 133 machine with am EIDE 1.5 gb hardrive on 
it. I want to upgrade the disk and spend $80-100 on it and maybe spend 
another $20-30 bucks for an ATA adpator if I need to.

I want to add a 30-40 gb disk. No SCSI, to expensive and it's not needed. I 
want to add life to this box so I can read and save my large mailing list 
archives, use slrnspool to suck down and store news. I need space in other 
words. All I want to upgrade is the disk storage.

Problem is I'm confused as to what I need? How it'll work with Linux? 
Everthing for sale is an ATA disk. The Gateway machine has EIDE from 1996, I 
don't think ATA was around then. So does it mean that plunking in an ATA 
disk in is ok? Or do I need to get an ATA adapter for it to? The guy at 
techsupport says I only need an adpater if I want to modify my old bios 
which will allow my Gateway to see the whole 30-40gb disk. Is this true.

He says that adding the ATA disk without an ata adaptor means I'll have to 
make lots of 2gb partitions. I'm confused. He wasn't sure how things would 
work under Linux either as he's accustomed to in Windows.

In a nutshell, are there faqs walking a new user through adding a harddisk 
to an old machine? What should I get, EIDE, ATA, ATA adaptor or not?

D Cornwell
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