[svlug] Chicken & Egg with RPM 4?

Karl F. Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Jul 10 05:11:02 PDT 2001

	The reason you want to upgrade to RPM 4.0 is so you can load new
software that has been put into an rpm file with RPM 4.0. Your options are
to look for a RPM that was made with RPM 3.0 of the same software. If not
found then about your only option is to upgrade to Red Hat 7.1 and be
happy for awhile. This is about the only valid reason to upgrade your Red
Hat. My experiance with version 6.1 was that it's very good. But I too had
the problem your having and I upgraded to 7.0, which is a disaster! But
soon RH came out with 7.1 which works fine.

	A tarball of the software might work if you can compile it on a
6.1 computer and then ftp the binary to the remote computer.

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Joe McCabe wrote:

> All -
> I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I've got a server running colocated
> several states away. As such it's difficult for me to update certain
> aspects of the RH6.1 OS installed on it (kernel, etc). One of the things
> that I need to update is the version of RPM - currently installed in
> RPM3, and i need to move it to RPM4. And thus my problem...
> When I attempt to install the rpm-4.0-4.rpm package I get errors:
> rpm -Uvh rpm-4.0-4.i386.rpm
> only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version of
> error: rpm-4.0-4.i386.rpm cannot be installed
> So that's no good since the RPM4 package is in RPM4 format and, sadly,
> RPM3 doesn't know how to play with this. My next option is to grab the
> tarball of the compiled RPM4 (rpm-4.0.2.i386.tar.gz) and manually
> install. The risk that I see is that extracting this tar could munge up
> my current RPM3. Not a problem if the RPM4 works, but a major problem if
> it doesn't work (then I've screwed up the RPM3 and the RPM4).
> Anyone have any thoughts on how I should proceed? Grab the tiger by the
> tail and extract the tar ball into place? Try to find some way to force
> RPM3 to do what I need it to do? Buy a plane ticket to visit my server
> (take the opportunity to drop some more RAM into it, update the whole OS
> to something newer, etc)?
> Thoughts?
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