[svlug] Linux10 status

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Jul 10 01:41:01 PDT 2001

As Drew said over the weekend, things are coming together very well for the
"Linux10" celebration, the Linux 10th anniversary picnic/BBQ which will be
roughly all afternoon on Saturday, Aug 25.  Considering we only got started
Friday, we're making up for lost time very well.

We have some significant progress to report since Drew's last status report:
* Drew registered the linux10.org domain over the weekend.  He's done
  most of the work to set up the web site so far at http://www.linux10.org/
  where you may already RSVP for the picnic if you know you'll be there.
* Monday I reserved (and paid the reservation fee for) a large picnic area
  at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park for Aug 25.  We'll have capacity for 625
  people.  I'll put maps and directions up on linux10.org this week.  We'll
  begin inviting other Open Source oriented organizations in the region soon.
  Though any who are subscribed may already consider themselves invited and
  tell their members.  (In the "region" means you're close enough that you
  feel you can arrange for yourself to be there.)
* We'll have a planning walk-through and dinner this Wednesday.  Meet at
  Red Hat's parking lot at 1325 Chesapeake Terrace in Sunnyvale at 4PM.  
  We'll walk across the street to the Baylands Park (to avoid the $3.50
  parking fee per vehicle for such a short visit.)  Afterward we'll
  convoy to Tomatino's Restaurant in the Mercado Center in Santa Clara
  for dinner and to discuss plans further.  This is not an elite meeting -
  if you want to help, you *are* welcome.

Note: Linux10 is a "no media" event.  Linux enthusiasts who happen to work
for media/press organizations may attend and participate while off-duty.

We're organizing this as a family event.  Bring the kids.

Volunteer acknowledgements: Alvin Oga will be coordinating the games
and activities.  Tabinda Khan and Don Marti will handle the treasury
and donations.  Bill Ward has volunteered to be a member of the food
preparation team.

We'll still need volunteers fill out these teams: First Aid, Food Preparation
Crew, Activities, Setup and Cleanup.  To volunteer, we have these addresses:
  Food crew          food at linux10.org
  Activities team    activities at linux10.org
For any other teams, contact Drew Bertola at drew at drewb.com to volunteer.

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