[svlug] Chicken & Egg with RPM 4?

Joe McCabe jmccabe at netscape.com
Mon Jul 9 11:24:02 PDT 2001

Aaron T Porter wrote:
>         You've skipped a number of intermediate revisions. Try grabbing the
> latest rpm from the RedHat Updates section, then stepping up by revision. If
> you're lucky, the version in the Updates section will work fine. Man, do I
> like apt & dpkg.

Don't ask me to explain why this is, but the problem seems to stem from
RedHat providing diferent file lists to different ftp clients (at least
it's providing a different list to Netscape Communicator and ncftp).

Using ncftp I went to


and found a plethera of RPMs needed for the update:


There are some others scattered in this directory that may be needed,
but I think this is the required set.


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