[svlug] XML vs HTML

Christopher Lee clee at gnwy100.wuh.wustl.edu
Sun Jul 8 22:30:01 PDT 2001


I would describe XML as framework for creating markup languages which are
both human readable and quickly parsed by machine plus, it's easy to extend
your language as your needs evolve.  It was original developed as a
simplified version of SGML and the old SGML tools will work with XML.
Examples of languages which are XML derived are (1) DocBook (the Linux
Documentation Project now uses this); (2) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG);
and (3) XML-RPC for remote procedure calls.

More relevant to your question, "XML vs HTML", is that, AFAIK, with the
latest specification, HTML *is* XML.  What I mean is that HTML is defined
with an XML specification (a DTD). 

You might have heard about new HTML coding style changes that are
XML-related conventions.  As example of the changes for XML compliance, all
tags are supposed to be closed, e.g., the paragraph tag <p> should be
closed with a </p> tag at the end of the paragraph. ( <p/> might be ok

Of course, browsers still support the older forms of HTML.

Hopefully-not-spreading-misinformation-ly yours,


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