[svlug] XML vs HTML

Karl F. Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Sun Jul 8 13:20:01 PDT 2001

Very interesting Karsten. I ran into SGML when I wrote some Linux HOWTO's
a couple of years ago. A strength of SGML is the many sgml2xxxxx files
that come with it. I did write a simple data web page with sgml and used
sgml2html which worked very well. These several pages look like pages in a
book, and contain Maxwell's Equasions with some examples of their use. The
equations are complex so the equasion part of SGML was a big help.

	I'm just a little dense on extensibility. If XML has this, how
does that help me to do any work? I know that SGML doesn't cover all the
nice features of HTML, in colors and page layout. No-one has written a
converter html2sgml or html2ps or like that. If I wrote a book using XML
will it convert to ps or html well? That's the strength of SGML.

	I will get on Google and try XML and see what pops up. Thanks for
your input!

On Sun, 8 Jul 2001, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> on Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 10:04:20AM -0600, Karl F. Larsen (k5di at zianet.com) wrote:
> >
> > 	I have been reading about a new file markup system called XML.
> > There are books out on the language that are not real expensive.
> >
> > 	HTML is a good language that was easy to learn and I have several
> > web pages written with HTML.
> >
> > 	My question to you is, as web designers, have you found a good
> > reason to switch from HTML to XML? What are the reasons?
> XML is a markup language specification standard.  It's not a markup
> language of itself.  Think of it as a meta-markup language.
> Instanciations include some SGML datatypes, however, the salient
> characteristic of XML is that it is, well, extensible.
> The problem with XML is that, because it is extensible, there's not much
> direct use of it as such, and there are concerns that it may be possible
> (despite design intent and specifications to the contrary) to use XML to
> produce yet another generation of bloated, obfuscated, document formats.
> Interesting stuff, but hard to get clear guidance on.

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