[svlug] Michal Ostrowski's PPPoE page

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at gorilla.it
Sun Jul 8 12:53:01 PDT 2001

On 8 Jul 2001, at 10:52, Dan Martinez wrote: 

> Ivan wrote:

> > Does anyone know where I could find any help/further info about
> > PPPoE support in kernel 2.4?
> > http://www.shoshin.uwaterloo.ca/~mostrows/ seems unreachable.

> All Praise Google and the Expanse of its Cache:

> http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:w7O02O5kkLc:www.math.uwaterl
> oo.ca/~mostrows/+pppoe+mostrows&hl=en&lr=lang_en|lang_de|lang_es

Unfortunately Google doesn't let you know how old is its cached 
version. This seems crucial since there are involved a lot of 
patches related to younger 2.4 kernels including this too 
http://www.hgfelger.de/mss/mss.html A superficial look at kernel 
config parameters made me think that something has changed there 

> > I've found http://www.adsl4linux.de; it has a lot of setup
> > examples but I don't know german and RTFS is currently too much
> > effort for me.

> You could try the BabelFish. Its translation may not be perfect,
> but it's better than nothing. Visit:

>     http://world.altavista.com

I'm not that sure of the meaning of what I read anyway that 
document didn't enlight me about recent patches history. 
Where does developers generally discuss such things so I could 
grasp what is the current status of the kernel about PPPoE 
I've read in the ChangeLog there have been some changes related 
to ppp but well the info is not enough to know if I won't need 
Ostrowski's patch. 
It seems that newer kernel may make everything much simpler and 
prepacked, but this is just an impression I got reading through 
the lines... 
I'm sincerely not ready for RTFS. 

> (Being blissfully PPPoE-free, I have no specific advice to
> offer.)

Yeps... really... in Italy we just came out of a monopoly... 
cables belongs nearly 99% to one company... other people rent 
cables to offer ADSL... but since there is not too much 
competition they just make 2 offers a) PPPoE and dynamic IP b) 
router + static IP... so if you want something different than 
PPPoE you've to pay for their router. 

In sept in my city I should have fiber at 10Mb at nearly the 
same cost + 3 static IP... the company is an ex-public, owned by 
the city, company whose main busines was producing and 
distributing electricity. 

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