[svlug] Michal Ostrowski's PPPoE page

Dan Martinez dfm at area.com
Sun Jul 8 10:53:01 PDT 2001

Ivan wrote:

> Does anyone know where I could find any help/further info about PPPoE 
> support in kernel 2.4?
> http://www.shoshin.uwaterloo.ca/~mostrows/ seems unreachable.

All Praise Google and the Expanse of its Cache:


> I've found http://www.adsl4linux.de; it has a lot of setup examples 
> but I don't know german and RTFS is currently too much effort for me.

You could try the BabelFish. Its translation may not be perfect, but
it's better than nothing. Visit:


and then sic it on http://www.adsl4linux.de.

(Being blissfully PPPoE-free, I have no specific advice to offer.)


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