organizing the event (was: [svlug] Linux 10th anniversary plans)

Tabinda N. Khan tabindak at
Fri Jul 6 17:46:04 PDT 2001


Cuesta Park in Mountain View is also a nice park. As a
resident, I can reserve that if we decide to go there. I've
held a successful party for about 50 people there.

By mentioning Cuesta I am not implying objection to Baylands,
although I don't know Baylands at all.

I'm still available to help plan this event.


Quoting Ian Kluft:
> If there are no objections, I think I'll take a look at availability of
> the picnic/BBQ areas at Sunnyvale Baylands Park.  It says a small BBQ area
> handles 65-130 people (depending on whether you reserve both halves of a
> circular area) and two large BBQ areas seat up to 325.
> How many people should we expect?  Inflate the number for spouses and kids
> if we organize it as a family-oriented event.  On a hunch, I'm tending toward
> the large area since, if I'm guessing correctly, members of the LUGs in
> Sacramento or Fresno will probably attend too.  It's also the weekend before
> LinuxWorld Expo in SF so some people from out of town may want to come on
> Saturday anyway to get lower air fares.  (Airlines prefer if you stay over
> a Saturday night.)


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