[svlug] volunteers for Linux10 party...

Drew Bertola drew at drewb.com
Fri Jul 6 17:46:01 PDT 2001

So, Ian has aptly named the 10th anniversary party "Linux10" and plans
are in the works to bring this off.

My first duty is to round up volunteers for a variety of tasks.  These

- First Aid group.  - supply a kit (bandaids, bactine, bee sting kit,
etc.) and administer first aid as required at the event.  Other than
having some training and digging up a good kit, this will not require
pre-event prepartation.

- Cooking group.  - manage the barbeque pits, condiment tables.  This
will require a good deal of preparation.  Anyone know anything about
bbq'ing.  I could check the archives and dig up a few names (when was

- Games group.  - supply, setup, and run volleyball, and other
activities.  Anyone have a cool kite?  Fun!

- Treasury group.  - solicit donations and manage funds.

- Water group.  - some volunteers to bring 2.5 gallon containers and
cups (in case it's really hot).

- Pre-event group.  - Preparations on day of event.  Early birds.

- Post-event group.  - Cleanup crew.

Let me know who wants to do what.  I'll post a list on the web next week.

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