[svlug] Baylands Park info (Linux 10th anniversary)

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Jul 6 15:38:01 PDT 2001

>From: Drew Bertola <drew at drewb.com>
>That's what we should go with.  The volleyball issue is easy to live
>with.  Everything else sounds perfect.  Hopefully, the space won't be
>too small, but I envision people coming early won't stay the full day,
>so even if 700 people actually show up, there may only be at most 400
>at any one time.

Hmmm... You're probably right.  That would support having the event
all afternoon.

>Let's start collecting individual donations for the fee.

OK.  I'll probably make the payment Monday with the reservation.  Anything
to help defray the cost will be appreciated.

>What about a team to do preparations?  We need 3 or 4 people to plan
>and setup the barbeque, a couple people for volleyball (are there nets
>already at the park?), 3 or 4 people for other activities, a
>treasurer, someone to handle first aid, someone to handle water.

That sounds like a good start.  If anyone wants to help organize it,
I just created a list linux10 at sbay.org, which you can subscribe at
Note: this list is just for volunteers to organize it.  All lurkers
(curious to see what's going on but don't have time to help) should stay 
low and quiet.

>What about food.  Is it BYO, catered, or supplied by the group.  We
>could sell tickets for the latter two cases.  That would give us a
>headcount and budget.

Do we have time to get that complicated?  It's only 7 weeks (50 days) away.
We got such a late start that we'll have to cut some corners.

Well, I tend not to go for the more elaborate arrangements anyway.  But
that's just me.  I was thinking that there shouldn't be a disincentive to
just showing up at the last minute if your schedule suddenly opened up.
But if someone thinks tickets and a budget are necessary and they want to
handle that, then it's possible.  We can get a headcount estimate just with
a web form.
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