[svlug] Baylands Park info (Linux 10th anniversary)

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Jul 6 14:29:01 PDT 2001

OK, I collected some info.  Now I need to come back to the group to
collect opinions and see if we want to go with this.  I'll also ask the
SBAY Social mail list.

Like I said earlier, I would have preferred parks in the hills like Alum Rock
Park.  (I might even go ride my bike there this weekend.)  But the likelihood
of late-Summer fire danger shutting down BBQs in those parks is probably
reason to steer clear of them.

So I stopped by Sunnyvale Baylands Park for a look.  For Aug 25 they have
only one picnic area still available - the Eucalyptus Hollow area.  It's a
ring of 5 picnic areas which can host up to 325 people (65 each area.)
It costs $350 to reserve the whole thing, or $70 per section that we want
to reserve.  If we want to go with this, we should reserve it Monday while
it's still available.  Also, parking for all vehicles entering the park
is $3.50/vehicle paid at the entrance, regardless of how many people are
in the vehicle.  (This is typical of any large park - the Santa Clara County
Parks and City of San Jose Regional Parks charge $4 entry.)

I took some pictures and can have them up on my web site tonight.

This location has a few pluses and minuses...
* plus: there's tons of parking right next to it, unlike the other areas.
* plus: it's available, unlike the other areas.
* plus: it's in a bit secluded area of the park, away from most other groups
* minus: it's in a bit secluded area of the park, away from the restrooms
  (it's a short walk, but still a walk)
* minus: this picnic area is surrounded by native grasses (dry this time of
  year) which are being preserved.  So any volleyball nets would have to
  be set up in the common area near the other picnic areas.  But frisbees
  should work fine anywhere there's maintained green grass, which is nearby.

This park has another advantage... If you don't have a car or don't want
to drive (or pay for parking), you can walk or bike two blocks from the
Crossman light rail station.

I thought of this park because it's central to the valley and we've seen it
on the SBAY Geek Ride.  An interesting note, it turns out to be walking
distance from Red Hat's Sunnyvale office.  (I just found out where that is
on Tuesday when I gave Isaiah W a ride there.)
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