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Fri Jul 6 11:38:02 PDT 2001

>From: Ivan Passos <lists at>
>On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Derek Balling wrote:
>> A policy should probably be determined in advance about alcohol. It's
>> pretty typical of BBQ's, but I'm not sure what the reg's are about
>> BBQ's in parks, etc.... if someone does the BYOB thing, do they put
>> the entire event in danger?
>Depending on the park, this should not be a problem. Usually, parks allow
>BBQ's to serve beer, wine and champaigne. However, it would be good to
>check with the specific park administration in question to avoid later

Actually, you absolutely have to check that for any given park.  Different
cities have different rules.  And we have a lot of cities in the valley.
For example, in any neighborhood parks in San Jose, alcohol is prohibited
at all times:

>Do we have a list of at least "prospective" places to do it?!?!

I posted a list of what I thought we should try in my message.  But since
then, I have re-thought part of the priorities.  I wanted to show preference
to parks in the foothills surrounding the valley.  But in late August,
they'll probably be banning barbecues in all of them due to the typical
high fire danger in late Summer.

If there are no objections, I think I'll take a look at availability of
the picnic/BBQ areas at Sunnyvale Baylands Park.  It says a small BBQ area
handles 65-130 people (depending on whether you reserve both halves of a
circular area) and two large BBQ areas seat up to 325.

How many people should we expect?  Inflate the number for spouses and kids
if we organize it as a family-oriented event.  On a hunch, I'm tending toward
the large area since, if I'm guessing correctly, members of the LUGs in
Sacramento or Fresno will probably attend too.  It's also the weekend before
LinuxWorld Expo in SF so some people from out of town may want to come on
Saturday anyway to get lower air fares.  (Airlines prefer if you stay over
a Saturday night.)
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