organizing the event (was: [svlug] Linux 10th anniversary plans)

Derek Balling dredd at
Fri Jul 6 11:20:02 PDT 2001

At 10:25 AM -0700 7/6/01, Ivan Passos wrote:
>On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Derek Balling wrote:
>>  A policy should probably be determined in advance about alcohol. It's
>>  pretty typical of BBQ's, but I'm not sure what the reg's are about
>>  BBQ's in parks, etc.... if someone does the BYOB thing, do they put
>>  the entire event in danger?
>Depending on the park, this should not be a problem. Usually, parks allow
>BBQ's to serve beer, wine and champaigne. However, it would be good to
>check with the specific park administration in question to avoid later
>Do we have a list of at least "prospective" places to do it?!?!

I, for one, vote for Alum Rock, mainly because its a little (but not 
too far) "out of the way", lending itself less to gawkers, media, etc.


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