organizing the event (was: [svlug] Linux 10th anniversary plans)

Derek Balling dredd at
Thu Jul 5 22:02:02 PDT 2001

At 9:32 PM -0700 7/5/01, Ian Kluft wrote:

>4) Send invitations to early Linux contributors who live in the area.
>    Here's a suggestion I'd like to make: Do not invite the media - this isn't
>    that kind of event.  However, Linux enthusiasts who happen to work for the
>    media may attend if they're "off duty".  (Something tells me this may
>    be a lost cause but let's at least not try to media-hype it ourselves.)

I think if we reserve a site, we'd have at least some control over 
who attends (when you reserve a pavilion for a family reunion, random 
people don't have some right to come gnosh your goods). If people are 
abusing the privilege, we can simply ask them to leave. It's a No 
Media Allowed event, period. Someone who shows up and acts like media 
gets punted.

A policy should probably be determined in advance about alcohol. It's 
pretty typical of BBQ's, but I'm not sure what the reg's are about 
BBQ's in parks, etc.... if someone does the BYOB thing, do they put 
the entire event in danger? Do we need to spring for a cop for the 
event, as sometimes is the case? Worth looking into. (not that I care 
personally, as I don't drink, but it's something that will come up)


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