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Ian Kluft ikluft at
Thu Jul 5 21:43:01 PDT 2001

>From: Drew Bertola <drew at>
>So, looks like we can run with this.  What's the next step?  Any ideas
>on a place and time?

So we find the members who want to organize it and then go do that.
Tabinda was one of the ones whom I remember volunteered.  I have to go
look through the e-mails to find the others.  Or hopefully they'll see
this and speak up.

What's next?
1) Find a large BBQ area at a city or county park and reserve it.
   This could be done as soon as tomorrow.  Should be done by next
   week at the latest.  Some possible ones that come to mind are listed
   below just to get things started.  I'll listg them in order of my own
   preference.  But obviously if you choose to get involved, you can add
   your preferences as well.
   * Alum Rock Park (City of SJ)
     This is in the foothills east of the Berryessa neighborhood of SJ,
     near where I live.  Nice creek, trees, mountains, etc.
   * Santa Teresa County Park
     This is in the hills of South SJ.  I've been through there on bike
     along the route of some previous SBAY Geek Rides.  But I think I
     remember seeing on the web site that large BBQ area reservations cost
     about $200 at county parks so maybe not...
   * other parks in the foothills surrounding the valley
     I prefer the foothills first because, even though it's public,
     it's not quite in middle of town.
   * other city parks in the valley floor
     If all else fails, there are hundreds of neighborhood parks with BBQ's
     available on a first-come first-served basis.  If our earliest arrivals
     got there by 11AM, we can have all the BBQs in the park. ;-)
2) Once we have a location reserved, we can select a start and end time.
3) Make plans for what people need to bring for themselves and what the
   organizers will provide.  SVLUG does not have a budget so anything
   provided by the organizers is out-of-pocket.
4) Send invitations to early Linux contributors who live in the area.
   Here's a suggestion I'd like to make: Do not invite the media - this isn't
   that kind of event.  However, Linux enthusiasts who happen to work for the
   media may attend if they're "off duty".  (Something tells me this may
   be a lost cause but let's at least not try to media-hype it ourselves.)
5) Post it on the SVLUG web site, and any other local Linux or Open Source
   oriented groups who want to be in on it and pitch it to their members.
   (Anyone mind if is considered a co-organizer?  We'll post it
   on our web site and in the sbay.linux newsgroup.)

Did I miss anything?  If not, everyone mark off some time on your calendars
on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug 25 and we'll celebrate Linux's 10th
anniversary.  That day is the 10th anniversary of Linus' announcement
that he was about to post on the FTP site the source code for a small
kernel he had been experimenting with.  He was posting it because he
thought he was "done" and wanted to see if anyone else was interested. ;-)
It was just the beginning...
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