[svlug] Linux 10th anniversary plans

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu Jul 5 16:19:02 PDT 2001

I didn't see any response to this.  Does anyone know what time of day that
Taos' Linux 10th anniversary event will be on Aug 25?  It would be nice to
hear from them so we know we won't schedule a BBQ on top of their event.
But lacking any response, we should go ahead and schedule something anyway.
Time is running out to reserve large BBQ areas in city or county parks.

I'm not satisfied with the "we've already got something that day" that
we've heard so far from Taos.  That's all we've heard.  They can't claim
the whole day as theirs and expect us to drop the plans we were making.
We'd like to know what time that day we can schedule a BBQ that won't
conflict with their event.

So I suggest that we proceed by this weekend whether we get a response from
Taos or not.  I'll contact everyone who expressed interest earlier as we
select a location and make plans.
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>From: ikluft at thunder.sbay.org (Ian Kluft)
>To: svlug at svlug.org (SVLUG list)
>Cc: mark at bitshift.org (Mark Langston)
>Subject: [svlug] Linux 10th anniversary plans
>Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 11:35:02 -0700 (PDT)
>If we're going to schedule a BBQ or something for the 10th anniversary of
>Linux on Aug 25, time is running out.  I think the ball got dropped when
>we heard Taos was already planning something the same day.  Something outdoors
>works well this time of year - let's make the reservations at some city or
>county park soon.  (Right off the bat, I'd suggest large areas like Santa
>Teresa County Park or Alum Rock Park.  But the reservations are for all
>Summer are probably already filling up.)
>Let's also make sure the schedule doesn't overlap with the Taos event the
>same day.  I'll CC Mark Langston at Taos to make sure we can figure out the
>schedule.  Mark didn't mention the time of day when he wrote us on April 4,
>which is difficult to plan around.  Since the Taos event sounds like an
>evening thing, will an afternoon BBQ be able to avoid conflicting with it?
>Also, I have a contact who can hand-deliver a written invitation to a
>certain Linux contributor who lives in the area and was involved on the
>project back in those days.  :-)  If this contributor chooses to attend,
>it will be strictly kept low-key.  Don't even mention names.  Got it?
>Let me know which SVLUG official wants to write the invitation.

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