[svlug] PlayStation2 Linux Petition

John Wenger johnwenger at EarthLink.Net
Tue Jul 3 00:18:09 PDT 2001

Cameron Palmer wrote:
> I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but as a reminder there is a
> petition at http://www.fakeroot.net/ps2linux/ to sign asking for Sony to
> release the source code form of the Linux for PS2 that has been released
> in Japan and it helps show interest in Linux for the PlayStation here.
> cameron.


Well, it is long drive for most of you, but this July 14 meeting in
Torrance is on, in part, Linux for the PlayStation 2.  This work was
done for Sony by Daryll Strauss, who now works for the Consulting
Services division of VA, or something close to that.

Everyone is invited.  It looks like a five hour meeting, plus beer and
food afterwards.  I think it would be great if some of you came down. 
If you do, please introduce yourselves, and come out for beer and food
with us afterwards.  

This might be a good weekend to go visit your spouse's relatives in
the LA area.  Then you could attend the meeting to give the inlaws
some privacy and quality face time. ;>)

If you can not attend, I would be pleased to act as your proxy at the
meeting and ask any questions you have.  Or you could join the list
for Linux at LAX, and ask them yourself.

The IBM Linux info has changed from what is on the webpage.  I just
heard that it will cover the X series, HPC, Management Tools instead
of the S/390.  Watch the webpage for an evolving description of the


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