[svlug] packages v. tarballs (was manners)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jul 1 00:05:01 PDT 2001

begin  Joey Hess quotation:

> This is interesting. The old ld.so (for libc5) appears to have some code
> to compare some kind of minor versions, and just print a warning if
> there is a mismatch between the wanted minor and the available minor. 

Oh, yeah.  I remember that, and remember when the warnings were desined
to soon be replaced by breakage.  This caused me all sorts of grief when
I tried to manually upgrade a Red Hat 4.x system to use modern libs and 
a modern linker, especially with GNU readline and several other libs.  I
vaguely recall that I had to rename the files to match their sonames,
and put symlinks in place of their original names, to make the warnings
go away and keep everything from breaking.

In your other long reply, you had something about the symlinks being
there only for my benefit.  This is _definitely not_ what I recall from
that hellish upgrade, several years ago.  The symlinks were absolutely
crucial to how sonames were resolved.  Now, you say that's not
(currently?) the case:  Either I'm wrong, or you're wrong, or something
has radically changed over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, I'm really pretty nearly out of time, and need to be nose
to grindstone for the most of the rest of this weekend.  So, I can't
devote further study to the matter.

Cheers,             You can't lick the system -- but you can certainly
Rick Moen           give it a damned good fondling....
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