[svlug] Re: $PATH (Paul Jasa)

hsungsoo@myneed.com hsungsoo at myneed.com
Fri Feb 2 17:00:02 PST 2001

 >>So far I use
 >>export PATH=$PATH:/balh/blah/blah
 >>but after I log out, it gets erased.     Any advice on t...

 add PATH=$PATH:/binlh/blah/blah  to /etc/profile, or /etc/bashrc 
 or /YourHomeDirecotory/.bash_profile .
 and then run "source" like this.
 paul]$ source /YourHomeDirecotory/.bash_profile.
 check out where new path is added to environmental variable $PATH
 paul]$ echo $PATH
 good luck!


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