[svlug] Ram Disks in 2.4.x...

Jeremy Zawodny Jeremy at Zawodny.com
Fri Dec 14 21:09:03 PST 2001

Perhaps I'm just unlucky with searching so far, but I'm trying to
find out how to setup a ramdisk on a 2.4.x box (laptop).  Everything
I've found talks about initrd stuff, but what I want is a "normal"
ram disk.

My goal to create a 32MB (or so) ramdisk that I can use when my laptop
is on battery.  Then I can spin down the hard disk and just work off
of /mnt/ramdisk (or whatever), tell emacs to auto-save there and so
on.  Then, just before I shut down, I'll sync that with a directory on
the hard disk.

Can anyone point me at what I'm missing?


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