[svlug] Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo and Linux

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Fri Dec 7 18:23:02 PST 2001

Ivan Passos wrote:
> OK,
> Now that we know the devices work, let's go to other questions ... ;)

  btw use kbd extension and proper keyboard model for X, if you can't
find it ask me, I'll send you relevant part of my XF86Config (that way
you're going to have keysyms for all the extra keys defined, if you use
wrong model the keys do not have keysyms only key code, applications
need keysyms (alternatively you can use xmodmap to assign keysyms but
why bother when there is corrent model of the keyboard available?)

> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Erik Steffl wrote:
> >
> >   I have both the cordless freedom (older) and cordless freedom optical
> > (new) - they seem to be basically the same (somewhat different extra
> > keys). btw they had the new keyboard & optical mouse combos in costco
> > for $79 (it was $99 everywhere else I looked).
> Thanks for the hint! I bought both, being the optical for $79 and the
> regular for $59. My question now is this: is the optical mouse really
> worth the additional $20?? I mean, if you have good reasons on why to
> spend more on the optical version, please let me know. Consider just
> mouse issues, since the keyboards are pretty much the same (as I don't
> care about the iTouch keys anyhow).
> I can imagine the lifetime of a mouse that doesn't depend on that fscking
> mouse ball as being longer, but is it really worth the additional $20??
> Are there other advantages I'm not aware of??

  it works a lot better. with ball-ed mouse you always have to be aware
of how the ball works, it gets dirty etc. if you have ideal (+always
completely clean) surface it's probably almost the same but in real life
the optical mouse is a lot better. it works on 'normal' surface (e.g.
desk) without ANY problems (for me), ALWAYS smooth. considering that I
plan to use for some time (few years at least) IMO $20 is well worth it.
but I am biased because I tried it :-)

  but I guess the battery doesn't last that long. the battery in
mechanical wireless mouse lasts about a year, not sure how long it's
going to last in optical one.


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