[svlug] Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo and Linux

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu Dec 6 16:50:01 PST 2001

Ivan Passos wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm thinking about buying a Logitech Cordless Freedom cordless
> keyboard/mouse combo. Actually I almost bought it a few minutes ago, but
> then I noticed that it says in the box it supports Windows X, Y and Z.
> I always thought of cordless keyboards/mouses as a hardware
> implementation, in a way that the system (PC desktop) doesn't even know
> it's a cordless device (i.e. it just sees a keyboard and a mouse). You
> just plug the damn thing in, and it Just Works (tm).


> However, after I saw the "we support Windows" logo, I was afraid that I
> was wrong, and that these devices actually depend on some sort of
> software/device driver magic to work.
> So, the question is: do these Logitech cordless devices work in Linux
> (which means my "theory" was correct), or not (which probably means that
> they do depend on software support in order to work)??

  it works as normal keyboard & mouse (either USB or keyboard port (9pin
DIN or whatever that is).

  they provide mouse drivers for windows and also some apps for keyboard
(so that extra keys work). Everything works with linux though, extra
keys can be used as well (e.g. use xev to figure out what keysyms they
send and then bind them to whatever you want using window manager or
some other means).

  I have both the cordless freedom (older) and cordless freedom optical
(new) - they seem to be basically the same (somewhat different extra
keys). btw they had the new keyboard & optical mouse combos in costco
for $79 (it was $99 everywhere else I looked).


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