[svlug] Red Hat 6.0 and Linksys USB100TX

Bryan-TheBS-Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Thu Dec 6 16:01:01 PST 2001

Ivan Passos wrote:
> I just got the task to go to a customer tomorrow with a
> notebook that has Red Hat 6.0 and Windows (I don't know
> which) installed, and its Ethernet interface is a Linksys
> USB100TX adapter. The Ethernet adaptor doesn't work
> in Linux, but I need Linux in this customer, so ...
> Could someone give me "quick'n'dirty" hints on how to get
> this USB adapter working on Linux? I don't even know whether
> it's possible or not (actually I've never used a USB device
> other than a keyboard, and that was supported by the BIOS!!
> :)), so any help would be appreciated.

I believe the USB100TX is Pegasus MAC (terminology:  media access
controller -- the basis of IEEE 802 networking) based.  The good news is
these things are very popular.

The easiest way would be to upgrade that RedHat version.  RedHat 6.2
with the updated RedHat 2.2.19/20 kernel (it ships with 2.2.14-5.0 that
does NOT have the USB backport) is going to be your "minimal" move.  You
might want to consider RedHat 7.x instead.

Or, better yet, just get a PCMCIA/CardBus NIC.  Much better performance
and greatly reduced CPU load.

-- TheBS

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