[svlug] Windows Refund updates

J. Paul Reed preed at sigkill.com
Tue Dec 4 18:08:01 PST 2001

Hey all:

I just bought a brand spanking new Dell laptop, and I've decided that I
refuse to pay for Windows "Ray of Light"-XP.

Therefore, I haven't even booted up my laptop, because I don't want to take
the chance that doing so will somehow violate their happy little shrinkwrap
license (which, interestingly enough, I can't even read; it's not printed
on the outside of any of the CD-ROM packages that come with said laptop).

I called the customer support slackeys at Dell, and they of course have
given me the "We don't do that" line, and I told them "Well, you've
presented me with a contract, and I don't accept it; I'm simply doing what
the contract told me to do: contact you for a refund." His script must've
ran out there, since he gave me the (non-toll-free, BTW) number for Dell

Anyway, you've all probably heard this story before... it's nothing really
new. My question is: what's going on with Windows Refunding... all the
websites on the subject (all hail Google) seem REALLY out of date.

Are there any goings on that I should know about before I suit up to do
battle with Dell corporate? Any legal precedent that might help to know?
Any historical precedent (there are a couple of references to Dell
customers getting refunds, but those webpages are dead links every time
I've encountered them).

I have a plan for dealing with Dell and getting my refund... and it could
get semi-ugly, but might be amusing... it would be nice to know where I
should send the story and its outcome, especially if it works... ;-)

So, in summary: Windows Refunding... where's the beef?

Did we all stop caring?

Anyone have luck spanking "Oh yes, we support linux"-Dell?

Any other good info to know before I go try and play with Goliath?

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