[svlug] Lilo and Grub

Karl F. Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Dec 4 17:44:02 PST 2001

	Well Red Hat version 7.2 has Grub the prefered loader so I went
for it. Works fine with 2 Linux versions and windoz. But not quite. I have
this in my lilo.conf file: append="hdd=ide-scsi" that pre-loads this
module in the kernel so the "ide" module is not loaded. Need this because
I have ide cdrom drives one being a read/write HP.

	I'm unable to get Grub to do what I want even after reading the
windy info grub pages. I found 'module file' and the error message says I
must give the complete address of the module. Haven't done that yet. Now
booting from floppy disks.

	Well lilo works fine with one Linux and one windoz. I tried to add
the RH7.2 also but it errors out because it's looking for the 7.2 kernel
on the 7.1 machine where lilo lives.

	I would like to use Grub since it's new and has zero problem with
big hard drives or multiple drives. But if anyone knows how to get lilo to
boot 2 Linux partitions I would like to know.

Yours Truly,

  	 - Karl F. Larsen, k5di at arrl.net  (505) 524-3303  -

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