[svlug] Applets no longer work

Eric Nickell nickell at parc.xerox.com
Mon Dec 3 09:43:01 PST 2001

Applets, and apparently all applet support, has failed on one of my
linux boxes.

For my wife and kids, I have set up a small network with 2 linux
workstations.  Both link to a third box for home directories and for
passwords and net access.  Both are running RH7.1 upgraded via ximian
redcarpet to the same level.

On one of the 2 boxes, all applets have become disfunctional.  They
appear as little footsies rather than their icon.  Can't run them. 
Can't view or change their properties.  Can't add new applets. 
Everything's fine on the other workstation.

Any ideas what's going on?  How to figure out what's going?  How to fix
it?  I'm almost at the point of doing a Microsoft and just re-installing
all the software on that machine.


Eric Nickell

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