[svlug] scsi troubleshooting

S step1b at cyberspace.org
Mon Dec 3 03:35:01 PST 2001

thanks for the responses.
as suggested I tried gpart.
it showed 3 partitions
54mb of DOS FAT
4 gb of ext2
4 gb of os/2 hpfs or ntfs, qnx or advanced unix. (type 7)

taking risk, i wrote this to the disk, and found
that the second partition was my /home.
With tomsrtbt and hpfs module, I tried mounting the third,
mount said its not hpfs.
I couldnt find the addon for ntfs, and I dont know about qnx.
what is this advanced unix ?
It seems that this third partition is my root.

any help from here ?


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