[svlug] Intrusion Detection and recovery SIG

Bobby S. Wen bobby at wen.org
Thu Sep 7 22:59:02 PDT 2000


I am trying to start a special interest group (SIG) for people interested 
in helping non-profit group with intrusion detection and recovery.

To recap the initial idea for the group:
Linux has become a popular choice among non-profit community organization
because it is a cost efficient way of providing internet services.  However
because most non-profit groups depend on volunteers, they may not have
people who have the time or expertise to respond to security and intrusion
problems quickly.  To aid these organizations and others who are
considering using Linux as their community server OS, We would like to
create a Special Interest Group (SIG) dedicated to Intrusion detection and
recovery.  A volunteer service aimed at non-profit Linux based community
servers, in the event they do have an intrusion.

The group can be anything the members want it to be, and go as far as the
members are willing to work to take it.

For people who are interested, please visit
and talk to anyone who you think may be interested in joining our group.

The plan from here is in the next month, to the next SVLUG meeting create
as much interest in the group as possible.  I will try to get SVLUG to let 
us start a mailing
list.  Once the mailing list is established we can start talking about the
group, and its formation.  I would like to target a SIG meeting as early as
2 weeks, at the next installfest, with another after the Oct. SVLUG meeting.


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