[svlug] IP Chains and 2.4.0-x

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Wed May 31 18:32:47 PDT 2000

Hello Family,
	I've been mucking with this issue since 2.3.49 and I'm
convinced now that I'm doing something wrong. I've been compiling
these newer kernels both here and at work and they work fine, BUT when
I come home and go for that extra little IP Chains option for my
server here at home I always get _ip chains, unsupported protocol_ and
I've compiled the IP Chains options in, then out, in, then out.

	Is anyone out there who has run the >2.3.51 kernels with
backwards IP Chains support ?

        Bill Schoolcraft         http://www.wiliweld.com
        PO Box 210076	         San Francisco, CA 94121
                " saevis tranquillus in undis "

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