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Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at best.com
Wed May 31 17:14:10 PDT 2000

On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 04:45:18PM -0700, Steve M Bibayoff wrote:
> Steve
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> On Wed, 31 May 2000, Karen Shaeffer wrote:
> > It is free to attend the conference floor, if you register early. This
> > justifies a link to svlug. (I guess the link should be removed after
> > the early registration date expires.) What better way for newbies to learn
> > about Linux than to attend that conference? I realize there are better
> > ways, but if you don't already know about them, then the conference is
> > really a good, local opportunity...
> This may be wrong if they indeed changed names, but..
> The conferences cost money,
> the exhibit floor is free if you register ahead of time.

This is what I meant to say. Thanks for clarifying.

> Also the tutorials cost alot more money, if anybody is interested.
> And personally, I don't think people will learn as much then just
> attending a regular LUG meeting. Not flaming anybody in paticular,
> especially not IDG or Linuxworld, but I noticed almaot have the booths
> staffed by "sale people", who where never able to answer my questions.
> "But That's Just My Opinion. I Could Be Wrong"(1).

Well Steve, I assume an individual has some inquisitive energy. These
inquisitive individuals would  attend the exhibit floor part of the show
to see demos and collect literature and talk with other attendees. Then,
after the show, the individual is free to focus in on whatever floats
their boat. The point is that it is all there under one roof and *free* as
in *free beer*, for those who just want to browse. You know, like a newbie
would want to do... And that was my point. When I first got involved with
Linux, attending the show was very helpful to me. There, so now there is
anecdotal data in support of my words. :)

LUG meetings are great, but you can't see exhibits of all the various Linux
technologies at a LUG. Please, drink some coffee... ;)

 Karen Shaeffer
 Neuralscape; Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
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