[svlug] Goodbye ...

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Wed May 31 14:21:41 PDT 2000

Goodbye ...

I guess it's just my time to flake.  I've managed to stir up a
debate that I'm too prideful to get out of.  I need time off. 
Sorry for pissing off a lot of people.  You'all didn't deserve it. 
Sometimes my pride gets in between me and the users.  Again, sorry.


I'm only about 1/3rd-done with the Zope presentation as of today. 
I'm going to be stuck at work until late tonight, and I'm kinda
losing my continously "up" attitude (which keeps me going, without
sleep if need be).  As such, don't expect me at the next
meeting due to my lack of time management and selfishness.  Given
the fact that I present about once every 2-3 months at either a
ELUG or LEAP meeting, please understand (although that is *NO
EXCUSE*).  I promise to return someday.  Probably once I get my head
screwed on right (hopefully).

I just got partially chewed out by my boss just about 15 minutes
ago.  Apparently, he wants to monitor my productivity on the
minute (which precludes me from posting on the lists as much as I
do).  Unfortunately for me, he doesn't realize that I've been
working >>60 hours a week for the past month, including the last
three weekends (of two, I was here both days for close to eight
hours), more than anyone else.  And he constantly conflicts with
his own orders from a week before -- let alone he doesn't realize
that I actually get less sleep due to working than he does!

It could be my time management after all, but he seems to fail to
understand that I've got to answer them to post them!


What can I say?  Some people still like to see how far they can
push me.  And there's just too much anti-ELUG for me, even if its
only 2-3 people pushing it.  In retrospect, I kinda pushed back too
hard and kinda unfairly to a few LEAPsters ... sorry to Chris Young
and Phil Barnett, you guys are good guys and I sometimes redirect
your view as "wrong" when it's not so white/black (as I always say).

Others, well, you know who those handful are.  They're worse than
anybody I know in ELUG.  That's probably why I'll always favor (as
much as I don't want to) ELUG.

Steve Litt, you're the best dude!  If there is anyone to strive to
be like, you're it dude!  Thanx for always coming to the ELUG
meetings and truly caring for the users.  You've bested me so many
times in attitude.  ELUG/LEAP member #1, Steve, by far!


Hey, sorry I messed up your list.  I'm sorry I wasn't as helpful as
I usually am on ELUG/LEAP (or at least I like to think I am).  First
the engineering thing, then the ettique stuff.  I hope my few
nuggets like the lilo.raid script and some technical info was
helpful out of all the postings.

Sorry Rick.  I was a little harsh on you and need to be a little
more respectful of the technical merits you put forth in a

All -- 

If you've got questions, stick with the lists and other resources
you have first.  If you've still got questions, feel free to
contact me off-list at my two E-mail addresses above.  I'm not
looking for pity or anything else, so you don't have to say any
kind words.  I'm not going off to form another LUG, meetings, etc...

*IN FACT*, if you need to get anything "off-your-chest" about me
at least awhile).  There will be no "return fire", nor flaming,
etc...  Do it to me in private, or on the lists.  Feel free to get
it out.  Please do.  If anything, this will finally let me know
what I need to improve in my attitude.

Thanx for being my LUGs.  Seriously.

-- TheBS
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   Computer geek since age 9, that PCjr that wanted to run UNIX

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