[svlug] Re: There is as much PRO as AGAINST

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 31 14:39:47 PDT 2000

begin  Bryan -TheBS- Smith quotation:

> No offense, and I'm not trying to single you out Russ, but can we
> *PLEASE* start removing the [svlug] and other [] tags and list nuggets
> *BEFORE* we hit the send?!?!?!

Um, no.

Excuse me, but to the extent there _is_ a problem, it's the one of your
cross-posting.  Which you'll notice that I correct retroactively on each

> And if you are wondering what the cross-postings are about, talk to
> Brian Coyle (mailto:brianc at magicnet.net) who thought Rick's response
> was important enough and indictive of everyone's attitude here in
> Orlando so he posted it on our list.

Have a nice discussion, then, over there in Orlando:  That does not
necessitate cross-posting here.  

> Can we please get back to the original thread?


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Rick Moen    years ago:  You can choose not to smoke, yourself, but it's hard
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