[svlug] Alas, fogetting to strip the [] list tags ... -- WAS: There is as much PRO as AGAINST

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Wed May 31 14:04:09 PDT 2000

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Russ Emerson wrote:
> Subject(s):
> - Re: [elug] Re: [svlug] Re: There is as much PRO as AGAINST ...
> - Re: [LeapList] Re: [svlug] Re: There is as much PRO as AGAINST ...

Russ/Others ---

No offense, and I'm not trying to single you out Russ, but can we
*PLEASE* start removing the [svlug] and other [] tags and list
nuggets *BEFORE* we hit the send?!?!?!

Everyone ---

And if you are wondering what the cross-postings are about, talk to
Brian Coyle (mailto:brianc at magicnet.net) who thought Rick's
response was important enough and indictive of everyone's attitude
here in Orlando so he posted it on our list.

I guess I just love to annoy everyone, EVERYWHERE!!!
TheBS is out to getcha!!!  Whatcha out!!!
We've got to unite together on ELUG, LEAP and SVLUG to stop him!!!

-- TheBS

P.S.  I have never seen so much anal-retentiveness and
non-technical discussion.  Can we please get back to the original
thread?!?!?!  Helping a user with ATAPI/IDE software raid in Linux,
suggesting he look into 3ware for a better, but low-costing
solution, yada, yada, yada.

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