[svlug] Linux desktop article; Also, postings on this list

greenglow484@juno.com greenglow484 at juno.com
Wed May 31 14:43:29 PDT 2000

Hello all --
(1.)  I will highlight, and of course I recognize, that I live nowhere
near Silicon Valley, let alone Calif.; I have "lurked" on this list for
about 6 months, and I've learned from, and enjoyed, it.  I have posted a
total of about 5 times -- several times, as to Linux GUI desktop matters.

(A result:  I failed to post about an article I wrote, which was
published in the 16,000-lawyer circulation "Texas Lawyer" newspaper,
titled "Linux: It’s Not Microsoft -- New Systems and Software Offer
Choices for Lawyers Seeking Reliable, Low-Cost Computing".  If anyone's
interested, it's at either of [same article at both places]    )    :

http://www5.law.com/tx/today/darnold.htm     or


The other time was that recent article re M$ Windows 2000 Pro & Server
domination; I thought that was an overall important, interesting article
on software and OS'es in the future, generally -- in other words, M$
relationship to Linux, other OS'es/ software, etc.

In other words, I have tried not to "wear out my welcome".  I do kind of
feel like I'm a guest, and I have tried not to abuse it (in other words,
it's sort of like:  It's "your" list, not "mine".)

(2.)  Here's my 2 cents:

It seems to me like, the last few months, there are a lot more off-topic
posts:  Recent examples:

--a lengthy hardware/ motherboard discussion, in the last week; I don't
even remember exactly what it was all about
--standards for IEEE or other certification, a lengthy discussion a month
or so ago
--homosexual and/ or black sensitivity/ awareness issues.

Usually, some posts on this list contain a plethora of caps., accenting,
asterisks, other punctuation or other stuff, apparently for dramatic
effect.  To me, it's tedious to read that stuff.  Fortunately, the mail
reader I use for commercial/ public listservs including this one, has a
"sort by sender" function; I have been using that function more
frequently on this SVLUG list, in the last few months.

Today, there is an elaborate, intricate proposal on this list for mail
headers -- replies, new points, arguments, whatever.

My ideas:  (A.)  Leave the list headers/ organization as it is.  To me,
the proposed new stuff just gets in the way.  If I want that kind of
stuff, I'll read (and I do) SlashDot.

(B.)  Quit posting off-topic stuff.  If I want to read that stuff (which
I don't), I won't look for it on a Linux list; I would (but I won't) look
for it on hardware, IEEE, and/ or other lists.
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