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> > I have a customer that has an industrial computer installed on one of his
> > machines.  It is a 386 with only a very basic DOS install (5.0 IIRC).  It has
> > two serial ports and a parallel port.  COM1 communicates with a PLC so its
> > function is dedicated.  COM2 is open for my use.  On this computer resides an
> > old copy of laplink.  Is there a program available for Linux that can
> > interface with DOS laplink?

> I don't think so.  If your aim is just to move files back and forth, you
> can use a null-modem cable and minicom (on Linux) with Telix or
> equivalent (on DOS).

I would recommend that also.

> Laplink's protocol is proprietary, and I doubt anyone on Linux has been
> moved to take the trouble to reverse-engineer it.  There's little need
> for that, when PPP or PLIP will be generally better, anyway.

It depends on what you are trying to do.  If you want to copy/move large
files, I would not use PPP or PLIP.  They add overheads, which may not be
much on fast lines, but is noticable on 115k serial link.

Use Zmodem, the "batch" mode if you can.  It has been years since I used
it so the details are very fuzzy now, but only certain versions of it
support a mode where you can transfer entire directory tree and not just
files in one dir.  God, that was the "good ole day".

You could also try running dosemu on your laptop.  Laplink has the
ability to xfer a copy of itself over to the other system.  I don't know
if the DOS version can do that, but the later Win versions I used do.

Geee, sure brings back memories :-)

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