[svlug] Re: IDE RAID versus BOD SCSI -- Re: 3ware IDE RAID Recommendation ...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 30 22:48:37 PDT 2000

begin  Bryan J. Smith quotation:
> I *TOTALLY AGREE* that SCSI RAID is the way to go [...].

So, save for it, and don't urge crummy hardware on people.

> There are all kinds of pros and cons here, all fairly cost-based. 

Yep.  Thus:  Don't buy cheap junk hardware.

> True, the drive to host bus *IS* different.  But today's ATAPI bus
> has improved in a number of ways, largely for single-user desktops
> and workstations, but even more so for servers and multi-user
> environments.

All in areas that completely fail to address the basic problem.

> I just *HATE* the one-line BS like Rick's here:

Aww.  With practice, you _can_ learn to love it.

> By the same arguments I have seen on this list....

Somebody else want to name the fallacy, here, or shall I?

> Which brings me to the point of the whole original thread.  I was
> merely recomending the $100 3ware card instead of software RAID for

Software RAID for ATA would be a _monumentally_ dumb idea.  Again, from 
every viewpoint but maximum redundant storage per buck, at the expense 
of every other design consideration.

> Hey, benchmark for all I care!

Go crazy!  Go to town!

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