[svlug] Re: 3ware IDE RAID Recommendation ...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 30 22:41:24 PDT 2000

[Subject header restored]

begin  Bryan J. Smith quotation:

> Rick, can you please wait until the 2nd offense to flame?!?!?! --

You know, the amazing thing is that this sort of convenient (and often
passive-aggressive) misconstruing of the term "flame" is usually reserved
for Californians.  If memory serves, you're in Florida.  How odd.

To "flame", sir, is to post ad hominem arguments, i.e., personal attacks
in place of relevant responses.  Which, of course, I have not done.  I
made no comments whatsoever on you personally.  Indeed, I know little 
about you personally, nor would it have been of interest in this context
if I had.

> [ I changed the subject above because the response has changed.  SO
> SUE ME! ]

Over the past month or so of posts, you seem to have generally changed
the subject header to _whatever's the first line of your next post_.
This strikes me as an annoying habit, and I don't think I need to
explain why.

> Ya know, I got yelled at about a decade ago on UseNet for not doing
> what you are complaining about.

That would be rather different:  One needs to change the subject header
after a while to compensate for topic drift.  The new focus of
conversation, however, cannot be determined by reading Bryan Smith's new
message draft, now, can it?

> But at least people were polite enough to point me to the Ettique FAQ
> at the time.

Whereas you feel I was rude?  Ah, I see.  

Anyhow, to reiterate, please cease changing the message header for no
better reason than you're posting some new comment to a thread.  Thank

You want a clear request?  OK, now you've had one.

> And, do you really think I go out of my way to change the subject....

Indeed I do.  Since you asked.  You did so for your most recent post, to 
which this one is a reply, for example.

> Geez, if you want to flame me, flame me when I don't listen, on that

Excuse me, but there's no need to get up in arms.  All I said was please
don't do that.  Actually, now that I come to think of it, what I said in
the prior message was thanks for not doing it, this time.

> That the F---ING SH-- I *HATE* about some rather *ARROGANT* @$$ES on
> *TECHNICAL LISTS*!!!  People like you just love to flame you without
> any warning!

Oh, and _you're_ going around complaining about "flaming".  I see.

Cheers,     "Not using Microsoft products is like being a non-smoker 40 or 50
Rick Moen    years ago:  You can choose not to smoke, yourself, but it's hard
rick (at) linuxmafia.com     to avoid second-hand smoke."  -- Michael Tiemann

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