[svlug] Windows 2000 with SAMBA?

Alexander Hartmann hartmann at web.de
Tue May 30 19:02:48 PDT 2000

I did not try it, but I would say (after reading all those postings about the M$ Kerberos - 'Extension' that Samba can't do this, and if it actually CAN work with Win2K later (after a few patches) and you use it, Microsoft can sue you due to the DMCA because you use non-licenced software that contains M$-'algorithms'.


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"Andrew Edem" <aedem at kaxis.cx> wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck getting Windows 2000 Pro working with Samba? I don't
> feel like spending enumorous ammounts of money for Windows 2000 Server, but
> I have to set up a PDC for two W2K test machines. (Don't worry, the other 10
> machines are running Linux.) I've got Samba TNG 2.5, but I cannot seem to
> get the domain logons to work.

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